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The Best "YOU BE the LENDER-OF- RECORD" Table Funding Program in the Country!


We are now seeking to add on a few new CMBS savvy Commercial Wholesalers / Originators to our tightly knit group of producers that want to raise their firm to a higher level by becoming the 'Lender-of-Record'. We simply want new producers that can demonstrate that they can [and customarily do] submit 'Professionally Prepared and Nicely Pre-Underwritten' CMBS / Conduit type loan requests.' We are NOT seeking Residential Brokers that focus primarily on higher / rate hard-money deals or micro-size [under $1MM] deals pre-underwritten on residential type formats.

The $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 Table-Funding Program is our 'primary' program. However, since the ‘Conduit-Credit-Crunch-Crisis’ came into play in August we have developed a new Portfolio / ABS Strategy Program apply named the Interim Period “Conduit Credit Crunch Crisis” Program. The lower ‘link’ below will open up the details of this new Program.

You may also contact Tim Hughes directly if you have an appropriate deal in hand.

Click here for 'Conduit' program information --> $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 Table-Funding Low Conduit Type Rates Program, Pricing and Hotel Information

Our traditional 'CONDUIT' Program particularly shines in nicely maintained 'A-' to 'B-' grade Properties in similar grade areas at Low A+ grade 'Big-IO' Conduit Rates, assuming Occupancy Historical's & Financial Historical's are 'A' to B+' grade or better. Lower FICO's OK at little or no rate increase assuming there is a solid explanation. Minimal rate Increases for loans under $2MM and No Rent Roll Seasoning needed if Tenants are in place at time of Appraisal. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Click here for 'Conduit Credit Crunch Crisis" Portfolio Program Information --> $650,000 to $10MM Program [NO TABLE-FUNDING AVAILABILITY ON THIS PROGRAM]

"Conduit Credit Crunch Crisis" Program Highlights: $650K to $10MM with 'Owner/ Occupied', 'Single/Tenant', 'Interest/Only', 'Pre-Payment-Step-Down', 'Semi-Recourse', 'Premium Pricing' all on Multi-Family, Retail, Industrial, Office, Self Storage,Mobile Home.

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