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The Best "YOU BE the LENDER-OF- RECORD" Table Funding Program in the Country!

'New Mission Statement'
NEW ‘Rapid Income Acceleration, Loan-Value-Write-Down Protection and M&A Banking Platform’

UCS soon to be introduced Community Banking platform is a ‘first of its kind’ safeguarding mechanism (surety service arrangement) that was originally put into development by UCS specifically to raise community bank capitalization levels during the height of the banking / credit crisis. Since many banks are now doing better in regards to capital ratios, UCS moved its 2nd phase to the introductory position. That is, leaping forward community banks lending income streams dramatically while protecting their balance sheets from any further CRE loan default or devaluation hits. Due to soon providing much of the operational aspects and some funding, our Wall St. partner will be rewarded with many new shirt-sleeve Investment Banking and other fee-based advisory assignments from ‘C’ level bankers on a ‘first-see-relationships’ basis.

In short, aside from accelerating smaller banks CRE loan income streams by 3 to 5 years instantly from the first day they come aboard, it also shields the banks from any material ‘asset devaluation / mark-to-market’ loan-value-write-downs if a newly originated CRE loan goes delinquent or the value of its collateral sinks. This is done by limiting a bank’s monetary loan loss to a maximum exposure of no more than 10% to 15%. In turn, allowing banks to re-enter the CRE lending arena in a safe and regulatory secure manner.

UCS now secondary role is to develop Private-Label / Proprietary CRE Wholesale Loan Programs for Community Banks at low Conduit Type Rates that have Table-Funding availability as well as other unique origination features other lenders shy away from. These unique ‘origination-features’ are exampled by (but certainly not ltd to) ‘No Rate Increases for FICO’s down to 650’, ‘No Rent-Roll-Seasoning’ necessary on most Property Types, ‘We welcome ‘B- and a few C+’ (NOT ‘C-‘) Property Grades as long as they can demonstrate strong borrower financials and high occupancy histories, all at traditionally low CMBS rates.


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